Connect & Care
5.Encourage risk-taking and endure failures, sponsor exploration, innovation and continuous improvement;​
Vision,Mission & Values

Grow up to a world-class component corporation and dedicate optimum values to all stakeholders.


As members of Linreix family, we believe in, adhere to and safeguard our core values.These values are pillars of trust and respect, and also pillars of our well-being and success.

Core Values


4.Cherish opportunities, and work passionately to create values for customers;
1.Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love, contribute to society and take care of others;

6.Focus on objectives, attention to details and pursuit of excellence.

2.Loyalty, integrity, truthfulness and practicalness;

To be a unique and delicate technology driven coporation committed to quality products and solutions of connectors, cable assemblies and other components economically for worldwide users.

3.Respect social morals and business ethics,  and maintain healthy and harmonious work atmosphere;

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