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Linreix takes pride in its technical force. Besides full-time product designers, mold makers and machinists,we collaborate with quite some veteran engineers and technicians as part-time consultants, to get guidance and know-how when facing difficult technical problems
Science and technology is at the core of our competitiveness and prosperity. There is no way to uphold our technical level but facing up to challenges bravely by creating best solutions through customer projects. With this belief, we make up our mind go along all the way of customization.

Actually, most development projects are technically challengeable, no matter those for cost-down or quality-up. After assessing technical and economic risks, we can always overcome difficulties and turn in good products to customers wihtin time limits agreed upon.


Linreix has full development capability from reverse measurement, theoretical computation, structure simulation, tolerance definition, to mold and tooling, special equipment development, process planning, part prototyping, pilot-run to test. We can also efficiently use outside resources through project management.

R&D Capability
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