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Besides primary machines, we own complete post-treatment equipment for grinding,polishing, cleaning and drying. We also cooperate closely with reliable plating houses nearby.

Linreix has deep understanding about connector parts machining. We warmly welcome OEM opportunities from connector makers abroad.

We also have dozens of CNC turning centers for geometrically complex parts with high precision requirements. In most cases, one-touch machining is realized and consistent accuracy is guaranteed.

Precise Machining

With billigual technical talents, Linreix can communicate efficiently with overseas customers,to convert customer drawings in English, Japanese etc. to internal manufacture drawings conforming Chinese standards, so as to facilitate on-site people accurately understand customer specifications.


Mini Rectangular Parts

There are over 10 advanced small-to-medium sized CNC milling centers in our company.  Most components made are within 200mm (width x length x height) range and are for military connectors, optoelectronics or instruments.

Our company has hundreds of automatic lathes to make high volume cicular parts like connector contacts. We are good at machine fine axial parts with diameters below 13mm and with radial accuracy of 0.005mm. We have a number of secondary machines and veteran masters from watch industry to make fixtures and tooling for secondary processes.
Manufacture Services

Micro-to-Mini Circular Parts