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In most cases, quality is not an issue of technology, but an issue of work attitude.  To the root, it is an issue of corporate culture. If everybody symphathizes with customers from bottom of heart, delivers good products and services not inconveniences and troubles, and if everybody can take poor quality as his own stigma and connect his own benefits closely with customer value creation, then world-class quality is no longer a remote dream.

Linreix people always ask themselves, "for customer satisfaction, can we go an extra mile?"  To quality management, it can be explained as "can we pay a little bit more efforts to improve quality?"  Actually, the extra small efforts distinguish high quality from low.

High quality products come from high quality people. Quality of people cannot be replaced by any quality solgans or documents. High quality people come from careful selection, and are cultivated by company quality culture afterwards.  We must pay due attention to make a workplace where people can find respect and innerpeace, and we must pay due attention to sponsor awareness of responsibility and self-identification with good quality.

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To achieve total customer satisfaction with stable and high quality products and services through continuous improvement.


Quality is associated with our existence and dignity. We are here to pursue top quality by converging efforts of all high-quality people.  This is our quality philosophy.

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