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Linreix Launches LPT Series Mil-C-26482 Solder Type Circular Connectors

Linreix has developed Mil-C-26482 series I compliant LPT series solder type circular connectors, which are intermateable and compatible with other brands, with superior quality and competitive pricing. 

Unlike our LY series with 3-layer insulation for better waterproof performance, LPT series has just one piece insulator for easy assembly work, therefore it is an economic but good enough version and most popular  Mil-C-26482 series I.  Almost every military connector manufacturer makes this family of connectors. Linreix goal is to enlarge its market share in world market by low cost, nice quality, fast delivery and friendly service. 

To date, Linreix has won over quite some military and commercial projects abroad by our LPT series.  

We will continue to add new models and insert arrangements  to make it a fully completed product line. 

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