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Why LY Series So Good at Waterproof Performance?

Linreix LY series circular connectors conform to military connector standard Mil-C-26482 Series I, but with waterproof performance far better than other brands.  
Receptacles are of IP68+ protection class, with even hermetic capability.   No leakage can be tested under pressure difference of 0.2Mpa.  The good sealing performance comes from the connector structure itself. 

Please see different combinations of connectors, either male receptacle-female plug or female receptacle-male plug, insulation of either receptacle or plug is made of 3 parts, plastic insulator, plastic insulator cover and rubber middle-piece.  Before the insulator cover is assembled, the rubber middle-piece is potted with white silicone glue. It is this layer of silicone glue which forms the sealing layer making penetration of liquid and low pressure air impossible.  

By this structure, our LY series outbids many competitors for critical projects where sealing is a must and cannot afford to fail. 

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